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A Different Approach to Traditional Liposuction

By Plastic Surgery Associates of Naples
October 15, 2017

liposuction Naples, FLHitting the gym day in and day out and eating a diet consisting practically of whey protein and kale is hard work (and mentally exhausting). But when your weight starts to plateau, and you can no longer get rid of fat in certain parts of your body, it may be time to consider getting a body sculpting procedure done.

Typically when patients think of body sculpting procedures, liposuction is the first procedure that comes to mind. Although liposuction is still very popular, we at Plastic Surgery Associates offer an alternative treatment called ultrasonic tumescent liposuction or lipo-selection. With traditional liposuction, excess fat is loosened and then removed with a device called a cannula. With ultrasonic tumescent liposuction, the incisions are a lot smaller, and fat is loosened with ultrasonic technology.

How Is It Different?

Ultrasonic tumescent liposuction has gained popularity amongst both our male and female patients for a variety of unique reasons including:

  • The ability to selectively remove fat without damaging surrounding tissues, nerves, and arteries.
  • Less bruising and swelling
  • A shorter recovery time
  • The skin can more effectively re-contour to the surrounding area

Who Is a Good Candidate?

One of the biggest misconceptions that patients have in regards to body sculpting procedures like liposuction or ultrasonic tumescent liposuction is that it’s designed to help patients who are considered to be severely overweight, but that isn’t the case. In fact, the ideal candidate for ultrasonic tumescent liposuction is one who is within 30% of their ideal weight but just needs a little push.

If you are sick of getting frustrated by an inability to lose excess, stubborn fat, you may want to consider getting a body sculpting procedure like ultrasonic tumescent liposuction from Plastic Surgery Associates. Schedule your consultation with our Naples office today!

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