Choosing a Face-Lift

Patients seeking a face-lift by Dr. Stanley P. Gulin of Plastic Surgery Associates of Naples-Fort Myers come for a variety of reasons. Many people seek rejuvenation of their face while a number of people wish to change the shape and proportion of the face. Many patients seeking facial rejuvenation wish to correct the tissue that has sagged and the wrinkles and depressions that have formed. They have noticed jowls that have formed along the jaw line and are distressed by sunken areas in the face below the eyelids or in the cheeks.

Face-lift patients often see Dr. Gulin to correct the loss of contour under the chin where skin has sagged and fat has accumulated. Even younger patients may have a loss of contour under the chin with loss of the angle between the chin and the neck.

About the Procedure

The face-lift procedure has changed in many ways over the last 15-20 years. Now not only the skin is tightened but also the underlying muscle and its overlying tissue. In addition, Dr. Gulin often repositions or removes fat or even at times injects fat using fat transfer (injection) to reshape the face. The neck muscle support is reestablished by tightening muscles underneath the chin as well as in front of and below the ear.

The procedure is now longer lasting and the result is a much more natural appearing face without the frequently seen signs of an older style face-lift. In both men and women the incisions are very well hidden with the ability to wear one 's hair in various styles.

Surgery is performed as an outpatient in our on-site fully accredited plastic surgical facility in Naples, Florida under twilight sleep sedation anesthesia administered by an anesthetist.

Choosing a Face-Lift

Most face-lift procedures performed by Dr. Gulin at Plastic Surgery Associates of Naples-Ft. Myers, allow the patient to go out to dinner four to five days after surgery with an application of makeup. Mild swelling or bruising may persist for a week to ten days. Most people return to their usual work or activity within a week.

The overall result is a more rested youthful appearance, with re-contouring of the neck, chin, jowls, cheek, and smoothing of facial lines and depressions. Patients appear more restful with a more youthful, contoured face. The results of the face-lift last for a number of years, with improvement still being present 12-15 years after the original surgery.

Short Scar (Limited or Mini) Face-Lift

An increasing number of men and women are seen by Dr. Gulin who do not need full face or neck procedures but would like to reverse some of the early signs of aging. Short scar face-lifts involve a shorter incision with less recovery time. Often these procedures are combined with liposuction of the jowl or neck, a limited neck lift, or fat transfer (injection).

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“I see the role of a plastic surgeon as a surgical architect or sculptor, changing and enhancing the appearance or shape of various parts of the body.”

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