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Ultrasonic Tumescent Liposuction

Many men and women seen by Dr. Stanley P. Gulin at Plastic Surgery Associates of Naples-Ft. Myers wish to have undesirable areas of fat deposits removed so that their appearance in and out of clothes is much more contoured and proportioned. Often these areas of excessive fat are resistant to either exercise or diet. Many choose ultrasonic tumescent liposuction (Lipo-Selection) because of its ability to selectively remove fat while leaving nerves, arteries and surrounding tissue intact. This creates less bruising and swelling as well as shorter recovery time. The ultrasonic tumescent liposuction (Lipo-Selection/Vaser-lipo) also aids in allowing the skin to more easily shrink down to the re-contoured area. Common areas of concerns are the chest, abdomen, hips and waist, thighs, calves, arms and neck. Ultrasonic tumescent liposuction (Lipo-Selection/Vaser-lipo) allows Dr. Gulin to more accurately sculpt the areas that are out of proportion.

Although liposuction is not a treatment for obesity even men and women who are moderately overweight can benefit from ultrasonic tumescent liposuction (Lipo-Selection/Vaser-lipo). Often one or two distinct areas are out of proportion to the rest of the body. This allows weight reduction exercise to proceed to a better overall body shape. In addition, the psychological incentive to lose weight and exercise is also greater when these particularly problematic areas have been addressed.

About the Procedure

Liposuction has made tremendous advances in the last twenty five years. Dr. Gulin of Naples, Florida was one of the first plastic surgeons to be formally trained in the technique of liposuction, having been trained by Dr. Bahman Teimourian who brought the procedure to the United States. Surgery is performed under twilight sleep anesthesia or epidural anesthesia with sedation in the state of the art fully accredited on-site surgical facility located in Naples, Florida.

Ultrasonic tumescent liposuction (Lipo-Selection) involves the removal of fatty deposits with a small tube or needle placed into the fatty tissue under vacuum through several quarter inch long incisions.

Prior to removal of the fat, the tissue undergoes tumescent infiltration with a solution containing numbing medicine and epinephrine to prevent bruising. Ultrasound is then applied through the incisions with a narrow probe-like device followed by suction removal of the fat using a tube or cannula under suction. Incisions are usually in either the hair bearing area or hidden under the bathing suit line. Following surgery the patient is placed into a compression garment to prevent swelling.

After the Procedure

Most patients return to their usual work activity in about five days to one week following ultrasonic tumescent liposuction (Lipo-Selection/Vaser-lipo). The compression garment is worn for several weeks and exercise is resumed in about two to three weeks following liposuction.

The swelling in the liposuction areas persists for approximately two to four weeks but the impact of the procedure is seen already right after surgery. The final result may not be seen for approximately one to two months following the surgery.

Following ultrasonic tumescent liposuction (Lipo-Selection) at Plastic Surgery Associates of Naples-Ft. Myers by Dr. Gulin you will have a more proportioned and shapely contour to the various parts of your body. Clothes will fit much better and patients find that they have a renewed sense of confidence.

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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Many women and men are seen by Dr. Stanley P. Gulin at Plastic Surgery Associates of Naples/Fort Myers because they seek a tighter flatter abdomen. Many women find that after pregnancy they have developed excessive abdominal skin and stretch marks as well as an extra amount of fat on their abdomen. In addition, the abdominal wall itself has stretched because the muscles do not have the tone that they previously possessed prior to childbearing. Men and women often find that after weight loss or with age itself they develop loose abdominal skin or excessive abdominal fat.

Not all men and women need the full extent of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) but may need only removal of excessive abdominal skin or liposuction of the abdomen as well as the hips and waist to obtain a much slimmer and shapely abdomen and waist line.

Through a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) or mini tuck Dr. Gulin is able to remove the excessive fatty tissue and loose skin in the abdomen as well as tighten the weakened or separated abdominal muscles which come about due to pregnancy, weight loss or aging.

About the Procedure

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is performed under epidural anesthesia with twilight sedation or under general anesthesia in the fully accredited on-site plastic surgical facility located in Naples, Florida. A mini tuck may be performed only under twilight sleep anesthesia. The surgery addresses the conditions of excessive fat, loose and sagging skin as well as the weakened or separated abdominal muscles. At times only the lower abdomen below the belly button is addressed (mini-tummy tuck) (mini-abdominoplasty). Surgery involves a bikini type of incision in the lower abdomen which is designed with the patient's bathing suit so that it is hidden under the patient's bathing suit or underwear. Through the bikini incision excessive skin and fat is removed. The belly button is kept attached to the underlying muscle but is reinserted into a new position in the abdominal skin after it is pulled down. The midline separation of the muscles is repaired and often the stretched muscles in the waistline are repaired also (Brazilian Tummy Tuck). To reduce the patients discomfort a small tube connected to a pain pump is inserted underneath the abdominal skin to deliver a numbering solution for four or five days following the procedure (Accufuser pain pump).

Ultrasonic tumescent liposuction (Lipo-Selection) is often performed in the hip and waist area to give the full result of a contoured abdomen and waist.

After the Procedure

Most patients return to usual work in about ten to fourteen days. Full exercise is resumed in about one month although limited lifting is maintained for about six to eight weeks. Abdominal support is worn for about one month. Abdominal swelling may persist for about one month. The degree of discomfort depends upon what type of surgery is performed. If the muscles have been tightened, discomfort may persist for 7 to 10 days. After your tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) you will have a much more shapely and contoured abdomen which will appear much firmer and flatter. The bikini incision is well hidden under a bathing suit or underwear. Clothes will fit much better since you will have a flatter profile and firmer abdomen. Dr. Gulin and his staff at Plastic Surgery Associates in Naples, Florida take special care in instructing patients in how to perform correct abdominal exercises to maintain the abdominal muscle tightening that he has performed.

Mommy Makeover

At Plastic Surgery Associates of Naples-Ft. Myers, Florida Dr. Stanley P. Gulin sees a number of women who wish to regain the more youthful appearance of their breast and body following their pregnancies. Due to weight gain or breast feeding the breasts often sag and either remain enlarged or may actually shrink following breast feeding. The elasticity of the breast is lost causing the breast to sag and the nipple to be at a lower position. Some women find that the breast remains too large after pregnancy and wish to have a more comfortably proportioned and more cosmetic appealing shape to their breast. As the breasts sags and enlarges, the areolae often stretch out of proportion to the rest of the breasts.

Patients also see Dr. Gulin following their pregnancies because their abdominal shape has not returned to its pre-pregnancy form. Often there is excessive fat in the lower abdomen as well as excessive skin. Because of pregnancy and weight gain the muscles of the abdomen have been stretched and often do not return to their normal tone even with exercise. Many women wish to regain or even improve upon the shape that their abdomen had prior to their pregnancy.

In addition overall weight gain tends to produce enlargement in the hip and thigh areas. Although some of this weight is lost following pregnancy, a number of women find that they still cannot return to the shape that they had prior to being pregnant. Tolerance to exercise or lack of time to devote to exercise often leads to a change in their body shape as well as the inability to wear the clothes that they previously wore.

About the Procedure

Surgery is performed by Dr. Gulin in his state of the art on-site fully accredited outpatient surgical facility located in Naples, Florida. Surgery is usually performed under a twilight sleep sedation anesthesia or epidural with sedation anesthesia.

The type of surgery obviously depends upon what features Dr. Gulin is going to restore to a more youthful appearance. Breast surgery usually involves a breast lift (mastopexy) with an incision around the areola. At this time a breast enlargement (augmentation) can also be performed using either a silicone gel implant or a post op-operatively adjustable saline implant, (Spectrum implant by Mentor Corporation) which allows the breast size to be adjustmented for several months following the surgery.

Abdominal reshaping usually involves either ultrasonic tumescent liposuction (Lipo-Selection/Vaser-lipo) or a form of tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) or mini tummy tuck. The tummy tuck may simply be a skin resection with liposuction or may involve tightening of the muscles which were stretched from weight gain or pregnancy. Besides the abdominal areas, ultrasonic tumescent liposuction (Lipo-Selection/Vaser-lipo) can be used to recontour the hips and waist, back, and thighs.

Since each woman is unique, Dr. Gulin at Plastic Surgery Associates of Naples-Ft. Myers, designs the individual mommy makeover to address the physical effects of pregnancy which are of concern to each woman. These single or multiple procedures allow women to regain or even improve upon the appearance they had prior to their pregnancy.

After the Procedure

The recovery depends upon the type of procedure performed. If a combination of procedures has been performed, they basically heal at the same time. Following breast and liposuction procedures women are back to their usual activity in about one week. Abdominal tightening procedures may require a little more time. If the muscle has been tightened no lifting is allowed for about one month following surgery. Light exercise may be resumed in about one to two weeks following surgery. After one month full exercise is the routine.

After your mommy makeover you will have a more proportioned and shapely figure with the ability to wear clothes more easily. The breasts no long show the effects of pregnancy or breast feeding while the abdomen and torso is more contoured and in proportion to the rest of your frame.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Many women see Dr.Gulin at Plastic Surgery Associates of Naples/Fort Myers, Florida because of their concern with either the fullness to their upper arm and/or the sagging skin of the upper arm. They are unhappy with the appearance of the arm and often do not expose it in clothing. The condition often occurs as a result of significant weight loss. In addition to weight gain, additional fat deposit in the upper arm accounts for the fullness in the upper arm. Although exercise improves the underlining musculature, it down not have a significant effect on the loose excess skin that has lost elasticity. Often Dr. Gulin address both the amount of excess skin as well as the excessive fat in the rest of the upper arm.

About the Arm Lift Procedure

An arm lift (brachioplasty) Surgery is performed under twilight sleep sedation or epidural anesthesia with sedation in the state of the art fully accredited on-site plastic surgical facility located in Naples, Florida. Depending upon the degree of loose sagging skin the incision may vary from a T incision in the axilla to a longer incision going from the axilla to just above the elbow. The usual incision is located in the back of the arm on its inner aspect so that the incision is not seem from the front and is only visible when the arm is raised. Simultaneously liposuction is carried out using ultrasonic liposuction (Lipo-Selection/VASER Lipo). This removes adjacent portions of fatty tissue.

In a number of patients only liposuction is needed to reduce the overall fullness to the upper arm. This may be associated with a small T incision located in the arm pit going just a few inches down the inner aspect of the arm pit.

After the Arm Lift Procedure

Most patients following their arm lift (brachioplasty) return to their usual work activity in about 7 to 10 days. A compression dressing is worn for several weeks following the surgery. Full exercise and activity is resumed in about three weeks.

Arm lift (brachioplasty) patients find that the upper arm now has a smoother and better proportion contour. The handing, embarrassing skin is no longer present and patients are comfortable wearing clothes that reveal their upper arm. In most cases the incision goes on to heal very well. The upper arm has a smooth defined contour and the incision usually goes on to heal very well. Results of exercise are more obvious now that the underlining musculature is not hidden by the excess fat or sagging loose skin.

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Patients seeking to tone targeted areas of the body which are unresponsive to diet and exercise have turned to liposuction for many years as an effective option to achieve their desired body contour. While effective in producing a slimmer appearance, patients often experienced "lumpy" results and long recovery times due to the destruction of nearby nerves, blood vessels and other tissues in the treated area. Now, patients can achieve their desired results in a faster and safer method using targeted fat reduction with VASER® Lipo.

The unique VASER® Lipo treatment combines new patented technology with advanced surgical techniques to gently dissolve and remove excess fatty tissue from the abdomen, hips, "love handles," "saddlebags," thighs, arms, back, knees, neck and chin. The VASER Lipo procedure uses ultrasound energy to eliminate fat while leaving nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue largely undisturbed. Without damage to this tissue, patients experience little pain and achieve much smoother results than with traditional liposuction.

VASER Lipo Procedure

During the VASER Lipo procedure, the area to be sculpted is filled with a special saline solution that makes the fatty tissue easier to dissolve. The VASER System also includes epinephrine, which shrinks blood vessels to help reduce bleeding and bruising, and lidocaine, an anesthetic agent that helps numb the site. A thin-grooved probe is then inserted to soften and break up fatty tissue on contact using ultrasound waves. Suction and massage of the sculpted site removes emulsified fat while leaving surrounding tissue relatively intact.

VASER Lipo is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, general anesthesia or sedation, depending on the extent of the procedure and the patient's personal preferences. Multiple body areas can be treated during each treatment session. Your doctor will develop a customized treatment plan for you in order to produce the most effective results in the least invasive manner.

Recovery from VASER Lipo

The VASER system's ultrasound technology causes minimal disturbance to important structural tissue, yielding smooth and shapely contouring. After the procedure, patients may experience minimal discomfort and should expect some fluid drainage from the incisions as well as body swelling due to infusion fluids used during the procedure. Pain medication options and post-operative procedures will be reviewed.

Patients will wear a compression garment home from the procedure and may be required to wear this garment (under clothing) for two to six weeks post-operatively, depending upon the body area(s) treated and the amount of fat removed. This will provide comfort and support and will help the skin to better fit your new contours.

Anticipated recovery time varies with the extent of the procedure - the amount of fat removed, the number of areas treated, and so forth. Under physician guidance, with the exception of some activity restrictions such as heavy lifting, patients may be able to return to normal activities within days.

Results of VASER Lipo

Results of the VASER Lipo procedure are often visible immediately after treatment, but will continue to improve over the next few months as the skin progressively tightens. During this time, it is essential to keep your follow-up appointments so the doctor can monitor your progress.

If a patient gains weight after their procedure, the weight will be distributed evenly throughout the body, and will not return to the treated area since fat cells were permanently removed. With a proper diet, regular exercise and realistic expectations, most patients are highly satisfied with the results of their VASER Lipo treatment.

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