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Under the direction of Stanley P. Gulin M.D., F.A.C.S., Medical Director, Skin Care of Naples also offers laser hair removal, professional electrolysis treatments and removal of vascular blemishes, skin tags and telangiectasias with VascuTouch technology.

Our skilled laser specialist and certified medical electrologist, Diana Crane, is highly trained with years of experience utilizing state-of-the-art laser technology for maximum effectiveness and safety for all skin types. Our office utilizes the LightSheer Diode laser system, which is FDA approved and is the gold standard in laser hair removal. The LightSheer system was designed from the ground up for effective hair removal, providing unsurpassed safety and efficacy, reliability, and ease-of-use. Its advanced high-power diode technology delivers high fluency combined with a large spot size, user-selected pulse width, aggressive contact cooling and compression for high-performance.

We recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation so that we can assess your area of concern and provide you with realistic expectations based on your hair and skin type. Unlike many laser facilities, our priority is to address our clients concerns in a pressure free environment whereby ensuring each client achieves their desired results based on their individualized treatment plan.

To schedule an appointment with Diana, please contact her directly at (239) 643-1915 as she works independently from Plastic Surgery Associates and schedules separately from the practice.


In the past, the usual remedies for unwanted hair included plucking, shaving, waxing or chemical depilatories. Some are painful, some are messy and all are only temporary.

For long-term hair removal, electrolysis is popular and effective, but is a time-consuming procedure, which can be painful and is useful only in removing hair in small areas. During electrolysis, an electric current passes through a needle to destroy each individual hair root. It typically takes months and numerous regular visits to clear even small areas, like the upper lip.

Laser hair removal is a more effective solution. The LightSheer diode laser is a state-of-the-art system specifically designed to remove unwanted hair faster, with less discomfort and more reliably than other methods.

About LightSheer Laser Treatment

A laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light. The light emitted by the LightSheer diode laser is well absorbed by the pigment located in hair follicles. During the procedure, the laser pulses for a fraction of a second, long enough to heat up the hair and significantly impede the follicle’s ability to re-grow. This process also treats numerous hair follicles simultaneously. Therefore, LightSheer is appropriate for treating even the largest areas of the body both quickly and effectively.

An important part of the procedure is the cooling of the skin. A special contact-cooling handpiece allows your physician to treat even the most sensitive skin. It protects and cools the upper layer of the skin before, during and after each laser pulse while directing the laser energy to the hair root.

What are the treatments like?

Laser and Light Hair Removal are both gentle processes. First, we cleanse the area to be treated. Then the area is scanned with the laser or light hand piece. The light energy passes through the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. The light energy vaporizes the carbon particles in the follicle, disabling hair growth. Treatments can last from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of the area being treated.

What you can expect?

The length of a laser treatment may last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on the size of the area being treated. It is important to know that the hairs in an active growth phase (referred to as anagen) are most affected by the laser. As all hairs are not in this phase at the same time, more than one treatment will be necessary to achieve the best result.

The laser treatment itself may cause some discomfort. Most patients tolerate the procedure well, but because some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, topical anesthesia can be an option.

The appearance of the treated area immediately following treatment will vary from patient to patient depending on the extent of the procedure and skin type. Side effects, if any, are minor. They may include redness and swelling around the hair follicle, which are, in fact, desired clinical results and indicate that the follicle has responded to the treatment. Most people return to normal activity right away. We will be happy to tell you more about your treatment, possible side effects and which results you can expect during your consultation.

Following Treatment

After your treatment, the area is cleansed and you can return to your normal activities immediately. Your physician may recommend that you use a specially formulated skin care product line or prescribe a skin care regime especially formulated for your skin type after laser treatments. The use of sunscreen is recommended for 48 hours on any treated areas exposed to the sun.

Find out if you could benefit from this procedure, schedule a consultation with our office today.

LightSheer Laser Hair Removal FAQ

How does the Light Sheer Diode Laser System work?

The system emits near-infrared laser light that is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicle. The laser is pulsed, or turned on, for only a fraction of a second. The duration of each pulse is just long enough to damage the follicle, while the system's unique, patented contact-cooling handpiece, the ChillTip, helps protect the skin by conductive cooling during the laser energy delivery.

What advantages does the Light Sheer have over other laser hair removal systems?

The Light Sheer Diode Laser System was designed from the ground up for laser hair removal, so it has the wavelength, fluence, pulse width, and active epidermal cooling system—the ChillTip ideally suited for laser hair removal. The system is small, compact, and (in some models) portable, so it fits well into virtually every type of existing practices. The system's solid state construction makes it durable; it's state-of-the-art user interface makes it easy to use. Finally, Lumenis has been in the business of making medical and cosmetic lasers for more than 30 years, so we've been able to develop unparalleled service and support—from our extensive training and practice building resources to our stand-alone systems' 24-hour replacement service (not available everywhere in the world). No other hair removal system offers the same combination of product excellence and customer service and support.

Why should I use the Light Sheer Diode Laser System rather than the methods I've been using for years?

The Light Sheer Diode Laser System's design provides for enhanced comfort during treatment, minimal risk of infection, speed and accuracy. Since the system uses a unique cooling handpiece, it minimizes skin irritation that other methods may create. Since it is non-invasive (no needles to penetrate the skin), the risk of introducing bacteria into the skin is reduced. Because the system is fast, it allows for larger areas to be treated, considerably increasing the efficiency of the hair removal process, which allows more patients to be treated during a typical day. Finally, the Light Sheer Diode Laser is a precise instrument that can be adjusted to damage only the hair follicle while minimally affecting the surrounding skin.

Does the Light Sheer work on tanned or different skin colors?

The Light Sheer diode laser system safely and effectively treats all skin types (Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-VI) as well as tanned skin. For darker skin types and people with tans, appropriate fluences are generally lower and appropriate pulse widths are generally longer to prevent damage to the epidermis. Using the appropriate treatment parameters, however, people with all skin types can benefit from laser hair removal with the Light Sheer.

Are the Results Permanent?

The Light Sheer laser has been cleared by the FDA for hair removal and permanent hair reduction on all skin types and tanned skin. To achieve a satisfactory level of clearance, 3-5 treatments are typically required.

How many treatments will I need?

Usually six to twelve treatments are sufficient; however, your hair grows in cycles and many factors influence its growth. age, ethnicity, weight, hormones, diet, medication and metabolism all play a part in your hair’s location, thickness and resilience. The number of treatments you may require for optimal long term benefits depends on the area you wish to have treated, the hair density and your hair’s growth cycle.

Laser and light systems treat the hair follicles in the growth cycle at the time of the treatment. Since some hair follicles may enter their growth cycle after your treatment, multiple treatments are required to deliver optimal results. Most patients like us to treat until the hair is gone.

What are the benefits of Laser and Light Hair Removal?

  • They do not cause the irritation that other hair removal methods may cause.
  • Larger areas may be treated at one time than with electrolysis, waxing or tweezing.
  • They combine the speed of shaving with the lasting results promised by electrolysis.
  • They are effective on almost any area of the body where smoother, younger, hair-free skin is desired.

Professional Electrolysis - For Non-Pigmented (White/Gray/Blonde) Hair

Excess hair (Hirsutism) is a frustrating problem, causing emotional stress, a low self-image, and other forms of psychological distress. To make matters worse, unfortunately, society today glorifies the outer appearance to such a degree that anything short of parity with the medias’ projected image of beauty is considered undesirable. Electrology can facilitate the restoration of the innate confidence and beauty you possess.

For the last one hundred years the medical community has recognized the three methods of electrolysis as the only process for permanent hair removal: THERMOLYSIS, GALVANIC and the BLEND method – a combination of both electrical currents.

Modern electrology began in 1875 through efforts of Ophthalmologist, Dr. Charles E. Michel. He accidentally discovered Electrolysis while removing an ingrown eyelash from one of his patients. Through his initial efforts and continued research, permanent hair removal through Electrolysis is a reliable and safe method for halting hirsutism.

Why Do We Have Excessive Hair?

According to current medical science, excessive hair growth is primarily caused by three factors: Normal Systemic Changes, Heredity, and Glandular Disturbances.

Normal Systemic Changes can be caused by puberty, menopause, and hysterectomy.

Puberty stimulates change in both the body and hair growth patterns. Common pattern changes include an increase in hair follicle activity and an overall darkening/thickening of the hair shaft.

The diminished hormonal levels in a woman’s body following menopause and/or a hysterectomy can promote new hair growth on the face and body.

Glandular Disturbances originate in the endocrine system which is responsible for our physical development. Certain specific medications, such as male hormones, birth control pills, and even pregnancy can chance the delicate endocrine balance and produce unwanted hair.

Hereditary hirsutism is common in all nationalities, some more than others. Electrolysis can permanently solve this problem regardless of the nationality of amount of hair.

Normal Hair Growth Cycle

All hair, regardless of the area of the body, has a different growth cycle. Eyelashes and eyebrows, for instance, grow for about four months and then are shed,. The life span of a human scalp hair is from two to four years. After the hair is sloughed, the follicle becomes dormant for a period varying from a few weeks to several months, and then begins once again to produce hair. Since only visible hair can be treated, the initial treatment period for any given area is four months.

Much of the perceived “regrowth” that occurs during treatment is really hair emerging from dormancy,. Once this hair becomes visible, it can be treated for the first time.

How Electrology Works

Electrolysis uses a low level electrical current to remove hair permanently. The current is delivered to the Dermal Papilla (the source of nourishment for the hair located at the base of the follicle) and the productive organ or matrix of the hair through a very fine sterilized probe inserted into the follicle along the hair shaft. Once the current is applied and the papilla and the reproductive organ/matrix of the hair are destroyed, no further hair growth will occur. Occasionally, repeated treatments are necessary to achieve permanency, however, hair that does return is thinner and less resilient. Once the dermal papilla is completely eliminated, new hair growth from the follicle is absolutely impossible. All other methods of hair removal are not permanent. Tweezing and waxing will remove the hair shaft from the follicle, but will not destroy the life source of the hair, thus return growth is certain.

Details Regarding the Three Methods of Electrolysis

At the beginning of this brochure we mentioned the three methods of electrolysis: THERMOLYSIS, GALVANIC, and the BLEND. THERMOLYSIS is a high-frequency current or radio wave. When it comes in contact with normal body fluids in the hair follicle, the current generates a low level heat which cauterizes and destroys the life source for the hair.

The GALVANIC current converts normal body salt and fluids in the hair follicle into a chemical capable of destroying the dermal papilla and matrix.

A combination of both currents, the BLEND combines the quickness of THERMOLYSIS with the permanency of GALVANIC current.

Our certified medical electrologist, Diana Crane, will choose the appropriate current for you after analyzing the skin, texture, moisture gradient (i.e., dry or moist(, hair type, and client sensitivity. With these options available, your treatment can be customized for maximum comfort, swiftness, and most importantly, permanency.

Areas of Treatment

Facial Hair: Over 75% of all women have some facial hair growth. Facial hair on the chin, cheek and upper lip are so obvious that many women shave or tweeze everyday to hide the growth. Whether it is light and fuzzy or dark and coarse, excessive hair can be quite a nuisance.

Hairline: (including low forehead). Nape hairline, and widow’s peak, can be heightened and reshaped to whatever the client desires.

Eyebrows: Today many women tweeze week after week to maintain the desired eyebrow form. Why not have them permanently fashioned and shaped into a natural line and end the inconvenience of tweezing?

Arms and Underarms: can be cleared with a minimum of effort. Removing underarm hair not only reduces the level of perspiration, but also inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause odor. Since it is troublesome to shave and painful to wax that area, imagine how convenient it would be to have the hair permanently removed.

Legs and Bikini Line: Current fashions, especially exposing bathing suits, demand smooth, satiny legs. Electrolysis can rid you of the task of shaving and having to put up with coarse stubble, allowing you to feel more comfortable while wearing modern fashions.

Breasts and Abdomen: Hair growth in these areas are not uncommon for women, but it increases a women’s self-consciousness. With electrolysis that hair can be cleared with ease.

Suffice it to say, unwanted hair can cause a wider range of problems, from minor inconvenience to serious emotional distress.

Electrolysis for Men

It is quite common for men to receive electrolysis.

Beards: beards can be completely removed or permanently groomed and shaped in the cheek and neck areas. Electrolysis can also reduce the amount of care needed to maintain a beard and minimize skin irritation from shaving.

Ingrown Hair can be a serious problem for many men. The hair on the face and neck are very susceptible to becoming ingrown, especially through everyday shaving. Electrolysis will permanently remove that problem.

Eyebrows: Men use electrolysis to reshape their eyebrows and other untrimmed hair.

Electrolysis – FAQ

Can Electrolysis Damage the Skin?

Under normal circumstances, skin damage is unlikely. However, some slight skin reaction can be expected during the course of treatment. Do not worry if you experience such manifestations. If the skin reactions persists for an unusual length of time – that period differs for each individual client – consult your electrologist for an analysis.

Is Electrolysis Painful?

Electrolysis does cause some discomfort which is relative to the client’s tolerance and area of operation.

When a client experiences discomfort adjustments can be made to create a more tolerable treatment.

What areas should NOT have hair removed by an electrologist?

A physicians approval is necessary before an Electrologist can remove hair from a mole or birthmark. Hair located in the nasal passages and the inner ear should never, by any means, be removed by electrolysis.

Is Electrolysis Dangerous In Any Way?

The amount of electrical current used is infinitesimally small and poses no hazard, Electrolysis is mechanically safe and controlled at every stage of its application.

How Many Treatments are Necessary?

An electrologist cannot specify how many treatments will be necessary for permanency since every client is unique. There are several factors which contribute to the length of the treatments: the type and extent of hair growth, client tolerance, skin type and frequency of treatments. The electrologist should be able to answer this question more clearly after a review of your case history.

Does the Frequency of Treatments Have Bearing On Success?

The more frequent the treatment, the better the results! Regrowth is most vulnerable when it first reappears. If the hair is not immediately treated, the hair will rebuild its strength and negate the effectiveness of the initial treatment. Therefore, it is very important for a client to participate in a planned program of electrolysis.

Is Work Noticeable After Treatment?

Immediately following a treatment there is normally a nominal amount of redness and swelling. It disappears only after a short time. An electrologist will give you instructions for appropriate aftercare which should allow you to continue with your usual activities.

Is the Cost Prohibitive?

The overall benefits received from permanency outweigh the coast. Regained self-assurance and individual confidence along with other psychological benefits can mean a new life for you. Continuous use of temporary methods over a period of many years will cost you more in dollars, time and embarrassment. Permanency means forever, and something which lasts forever means an investment. What better investment in one’s self than a lifetime of freedom from unwanted hair?

Please Note...

  • All treatments are scheduled by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call (239) 643-1915.
  • Except in an emergency, all cancellations should be m made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Payments are made by personal check or cash upon completion of the treatment. Credit Cards are NOT accepted.
  • Promptness is requested. I try to begin and end appointments on schedule. Please be on time or arrive a few minutes early to avoid losing treatment time.
  • All consultations and treatment sessions are held in the strictest confidence


Vascu-Touch is a quick, safe and non-invasive way to remove unsightly minor skin imperfections, broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, skin tags, actinic keratosis, and milia. When compared with the laser, VascuTouch yields similar results without the bruising and high treatment costs. This quick, simple thermo-coagulation procedure will not cause scarring or hyper-pigmentation.

How Is It Done?

The surface of the skin is cleansed and prepped. A fine tipped sterile probe is placed on the surface of the blemish. Low level RF and DC current is passed through the probe to the vessel. The blood in the tiny vessel is clotted or coagulated and stops flowing. With the proper “post” treatment care the vessel is naturally absorbed into the surrounding tissue and typically within three to four weeks will disappear.

Is there any “Post” Treatment Care?

The VascuTouch electrocoagulates each tiny vessel and the blood stops flowing. You need to pay attention not to disturb the treated vessels for 24 hours. Undue stress could cause renewed blood flow and the vessel will not dry up and be absorbed. With proper care, the treated vessel will tend to look darker the next day. This is normal and a good sign that the vessel was properly treated.

Can you treat Skin Tags with VascuTouch?

Yes! Skin tags, no matter where they are located on the body can be treated in minutes with the VascuTouch and fall off within 3 to 4 days.

VascuTouch – FAQ

How long does the treatment take?

Most blemishes are removed in seconds. Depending on the number of capillaries most conditions can be successfully and permanently treated in one ten to fifteen minute treatment.

Is the procedure safe?

Typically, telangiectasias are very superficial and can be treated with a sterile, disposable probe. Electrocoagulation haws been used safely for years to remove vascular blemishes.

Does it hurt?

Some experience a “pinprick” sensation that can be mildly uncomfortable. However, when a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the area most of the discomfort is taken away.

How Did I Get Them?

Heredity seems to be the most popular theory. It is noted that those with fair skin have a higher incidence of telangiectasia while more olive complexions have few problems. Other contributing theories include age, hormones, sun exposure, alcohol, consumption and other predisposing medical conditions. Trauma to the skin may also cause telangiectasia to develop. Whatever their origin, these vascular blemishes can be removed easily and permanently with VascuTouch.

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